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July 2014 9

Harpo who dis man?! 👀 I refuse to believe that all these fine ass men on tumblr exist in real life. Nope.


Twana Barnett-Ferguson

(via tontonmichel)


Chris Tucker hitting that Shmoney Dance



You think Michael Jackson “invented” this?This is Bill Bailey in 1955!

Michael Jackson never claimed he ~invented~ the moonwalk. He ALWAYS credited his inspirations for his work, you only have to watch one live Michael performance and see his inspirations: Bill Bailey, James Brown, Fred Astaire. The trilby and loafers are a massive giveaway when it comes to spotting Michael’s inspirations. 

Everything i know about being a man, about how to treat people, and how to carry myself in a respectful manner i learned from this man. Love or hate him, he quite literally saved my life.